1.  How does the process begin?
We first schedule a meeting with the client to review the nature and scope of the project. During the initial meeting the client is presented with an extensive portfolio to familiarize the client with decorative finishes appropriate for their specific needs. Furthermore, we discuss process, take measurements, and review pricing.

2.  How do you decide what kind of treatment or finish to use?
During the initial meeting, we establish what kind of “look” matches the client’s specific needs.  Mondo then creates a custom sample tailored to the project. Upon completion of said sample a second meeting is scheduled to approve the results. If the sample is rejected, we return to drawing board to execute a new sample at no charge.

Do you charge for initial consultation?
No we don’t, unless the client is not within a 75 mile radius of Athens, Georgia.

4. Do I need to contact an Interior Designer?
We can collaborate directly with the client or through a designer. Your choice.

5. How do you determine pricing?
Walls, ceilings, and floors are priced by the square foot. The square foot amount is determined by the complexity of the particular finish. Most of our finishes average between 6 to 12 dollars per square foot. Cabinets are also priced in this way, but with a multiplying variable to account for the 3-dimensionality of the surfaces (such as fronts and backs of doors and architectural elements). Simple cabinet doors have lower multiplier than those that are more complex.